What We Are Recruiting For: CMS Virtual Mediation Coordinator

Hours: Half-Time
Position Start: 8/15/2020
Closing Date: 8/01/2020

The Community Mediation Services Virtual Mediation Coordinator will strengthen CMS’s capacity to provide online mediations for partners and community. The Virtual Services Program will help ensure community needs are met by providing Zoom mediations to support services to courts, agencies, nonprofits, businesses and community members.

This position is an ideal opportunity for an enthusiastic and experienced individual to contribute to an organization that provides critical services to our community. The successful candidate will be highly efficient, flexible, organized, and able to maintain a high level of attention to detail. They will be skilled at multi-tasking, and will possess excellent interpersonal and administrative skills.


  • Have or obtain mediator certification. Free through CMS if needed
  • Implement virtual mediation program using identified process and protocols
  • Use Zoom to participate in virtual mediations
  • Coordinate case intakes from entry to case closure
  • Utilize Docusign to support virtual case management
  • Report and provide support to Supervisor
  • Participate as needed in agency-wide data collection and reporting to donors and key funders
  • Coordinate and train volunteers for participation in the virtual mediation program

This position is an excellent opportunity to learn about conflict resolution and mediation, gain valuable skills related to coordinating conflict cases in Clark County.

Benefits: 15 hours weekly at $18.00 per hour. Remote work option. Accrued PTO.

Education Requirement: College Graduate or 5+ years experience (Must be 18 years or older. No upper age limit)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Community Mediation Services is committed to providing employment and volunteer opportunities to any and all qualified and experienced members of our communities.

Resumes are due August 1, 2020. For questions about the position, please contact
Savenia Falquist at sfalquist@mediationclarkcounty.org.